WordPress SEO Tutorial for Beginners
5 Things You Should Do In SEO
5 Things You Should Do In SEO
How to Choose an SEO Package for Your Website
How To Choose an SEO Package for Your Website?

WordPress SEO Tutorial for Beginners

WordPress SEO Tutorial for Beginners

Nowadays, every company has a digital presence and wants a higher rank. When people search for something, they usually check the results that appear on the first page. If you wish your website to appear on the first page, you need to increase the rank of the website.

To make your website score higher, you should make your website user-friendly for search engines like google, making it easy for the client looking for the company. Your website can become user-friendly if you use SEO. SEO plays a vital role in digital life. Many questions are rising in your mind, and you might need clarification about where and how to start. Let me explain to you every point.

How to Start with SEO?

You start looking for SEO once you complete creating your website because you want your website to be seen by everyone. The first and most important thing is checking your site visibility settings. In WordPress, some in-built features block search engines. This option provides you some time while you are building your website. If you are still looking for your website in the search result, you have not checked this setting. You can visit the setting option and can change the visibility.

When you are using word press, try using SEO-friendly URL structures. SEO-friendly URL structures help in explaining the page content clearly. This allows the search engine and people to understand the content easily. Generally, the URL are made of numbers and is not related to the content. If you use an SEO-friendly permalink, then it will increase the search results. Visit settings in WordPress, click on the permalink setting, select the post name option, and click on save changes.

While creating the URL link, decide if you want to create a link using WWW or non-WWW. Choose one and use the same link because these two different URLs will show two different sites. Focus on the primary keyword that should be used in the search term. Using the proper keyword helps in boosting the search result.

Remember to choose the proper category of your content. Choosing the adequate category helps in correctly organizing the content. Using appropriate tags related to your content would be best to improve your website’s search results. Make a habit of creating internal links while creating content on WordPress. You can also link your post while creating the content. This helps in increasing the number of visitors to your site. Optimize the images that you use properly to make them SEO friendly.

Use a proper title and alt tags for the images. It helps people to understand the content of the images. Make sure that your website loads faster. People might get upset or bored if it takes more time to load and avoid visiting your site.


SEO is widely used by people whose business is connected with the digital world. If you want to create good SEO-friendly content on WordPress, follow all the steps mentioned above.


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