Pay Per Lead Marketing


Pay per lead means that you will simply pay after you get a prospect inquiry. Pay Per Lead is a creative solution to lead generation.

Essentially, you pay for a lead as it happens, and ONLY when a potential customer searches for your product or service.

This service is currently not applicable to all industries.

Remove the risk from email & SMS marketing




Businesses today pay big bucks per month or hire a full-time SEO expert or digital marketing agency.

They often use email and SMS marketing to get their website to rank on Google’s first page.

Even though this process is effective for some specific industries, results are not guaranteed even after payment.

While there’s a slim chance that the campaign may be a success, it never hurts to try.




If you’re looking for Pay Per Lead program in Canada or U.S.A, eSolutify can assist you. Pay per lead is the most cost-effective low-risk approach available today!

Our Lead Generation Model is very simple. We generate leads through pay-per-click advertising on Google Adwords as well as social media marketing such as Facebook ads and others. This method is effective for both B2B and B2C advertising. As experts, we have fully comprehended the “Pay-Per-Click” system inside and out. We can put our expertise to work for you. This is a win/win.

The main two benefits of Pay Per Lead Marketing throughout Canada and the USA are:

  1. It is result-based which means you will only pay for the leads. No more payment for ads and marketing campaigns. It is time to say goodbye to extra costs!
  2. No long-term contract. As the name suggests, you will not be obligated to sign a long-term contract. You can simply try it out to see how well this Pay Per Lead marketing would perform for your business.

Enquire About Pay Per Lead for your Business!

Our key staff will guide you through the following common questions about pay per lead including:

  1. Is my business ready for pay per lead?
  2. How much does it normally cost per lead for my industry
  3. Why would I consider a pay per lead arrangement
  4. How pay per lead formula works

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