How to give your website an excellent rank on search engines?
Few basic SEO tips and tricks that you should always remember
Few basic SEO tips and tricks that you should always remember

How to give your website an excellent rank on search engines?

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Developing a visually stunning website is not enough. To get a proper website ranking and be successful on search engines, customers must find your website the first time when they searched for its category. This needs to happen. Otherwise, there is no point in investing so much time and effort in creating a website.

You must be familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization. Consider the concept as the mystical potion that will ensure your website ranks first on search engines. The functioning of the search engine to rank the website is quite a head-scratcher for all digital marketers. They are always exploring new tricks and tips to rank their website on the top. The answer to how SEO works is not definite, but several known factors are popular for significantly influencing the ranking of websites.

Content is the king

It is not the first time that you are reading this phrase. But, here this holds more importance than anywhere else. Your website’s content is for sure the number one factor that decides the website’s ranking. The higher the content’s quality, the higher will be the rank. It is as simple as that. Note that search engines consider the number and placement of keywords while evaluating the website.

Websites videos

Videos have been an all-time beneficial tool when it comes to conveying information. It delivers a large amount of information in short timing. Interestingly, a video is capable of delivering 1.8 million words in a minute-long video equivalent to around 3600 pages of text. From an SEO view, the longer a visitor watches your videos, the greater your chances at getting search engines to see your video’s value and credibility of the webpage it is hosted on. This ultimately gives the page a higher rank.

Website’s structure

It is often said that the simplest of things are the toughest. It is true. To get higher traffic via a higher rank, you might have to reconsider the architecture of the website. The more simple and easy-to-read it is, the more ranking it will receive. Other than text placement, a website’s architecture must also have well-formed codes that make it easy for search engines to read the content of a site.

Website’s link popularity

Popularity is never bad. Not in this case. It is immensely beneficial if more and more people know about your website. The popularity of a website is a good indication of how relevant a website is for keyword searches. Higher traffic on a website explains the fact that it has some information and is worth reading for. It is because of this massive traffic a websites ranks higher than the rest as search engine uses it as a criterion for determining the relevance of the site. It is always nice to have your website’s link on some other prominent website. Search engine counts this as a vote of confidence for the referred website.

Keyword research

Although discussed in the above points, this topic needs a separate explanation. Use search data and research what keywords your competitor is using. Depending on how big your website is and the resources you have available, start with the pages that have the most content and are helpful for target groups.

More tricks can do wonders for your site. But, these 5 top the list and work most effectively. All 5 ensure your target audience reaches you without any difficulty. Insertion of the right keyword must always be the priority, followed by structure, links on other pages.

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