5 Things You Should Do In SEO
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WordPress SEO Tutorial for Beginners
WordPress SEO Tutorial for Beginners

5 Things You Should Do In SEO

5 Things You Should Do In SEO

SEO plays an important role in the digital world. SEO is one of the best ways of driving traffic to your website. It also helps you in increasing the ranking of your site. Understanding and learning SEO can be difficult, but once you understand it properly, there is no looking back.

5 Important Things You Should Do in SEO:

Here are some important things that you should do in SEO to increase search results:

1. Content:

Content can be treated as king when it comes to SEO. The most important thing is the person should know the proper keywords to use in the content. You should make sure to add the proper keywords in the H1 tag. The H2 should contain one subheading and similar keywords to the first keywords. You should follow the same rule for the H3. Keywords and tags will make the search easy for google.

2. Meta Tags:

Meta Tags are also very important, just like the keywords. Meta Tags play an important role in improving your site rankings. When you search for something, google will show you relevant content that matches your keywords. The Meta tags should explain the content of your site. If not, google will rank you low, and no one will visit your site.

3. Earned Links:

There was a time when people used to use paid links which are no longer acceptable. Now, if you want to add links, you should choose the link of the site that is similar to your website.

4. Make your site load faster:

SEO mainly focuses on providing proper quality content to the user. One of the essential qualities is time. You should ensure that your site loads faster, even when used on a computer or phone. Better experience helps in driving the traffic. Here are some ways which help you in loading your site quickly.

  • You should avoid using flash.
  • Avoid using more pop-ups.
  • Don’t use images involved in graphics.
  • Try eliminating duplicate scripts.
  • Try evaluating your plugs.

5. Size of the Content:

The average size of the content is between 400 to 600 words. The highest size of the content is around 1500 words. The title tag should contain a maximum of 60 to 75 characters. Avoid using articles and conjunctions in your content. The size of the Meta description should be around 155 characters. One hundred words of your content should be easily accessible to the search engine.

These are some essential things you should do in SEO to get better results.


People widely use SEO, and it is necessary to learn the concept. Search Engine Optimization helps in many ways to increase your site ranking. It also drives traffic to your site. You can follow all the necessities mentioned above to get better SEO results. SEO is hard to understand but is the best for boosting your site’s ranks.

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